Crystallize your Value to Increase Wins and Margin

$3,500 Money back guarantee*


Crystallize your Value to Increase Wins and Margin

Get the hands-on guidance you need to gain traction and win

$3,500 Money back guarantee*

In 3 sessions, make it clear to prospects why they should be clamoring to get on your calendar

Session 1: Onboard

We begin with a 2-hour onboarding meeting to explore who you are as a business, your goals, and current issues you are facing.  We take this information and get to work researching your competitive landscape and your clientele. Through extensive primary and secondary research, we determine exactly what your perfect customer wants.  Combining this with your onboarding information, we develop initial positioning that separates your business from the competition.  We also define value propositions for your products and services.

Session 2: Collaborate

This 2-hour collaboration meeting focuses on all the research and analysis done on your clients and competition.  We deliver our findings and work with you to create the perfect pitch for your prospects.  Additionally, we will facilitate a brand exercise for you to determine the tone and voice of your communication.  This information will be used across all your communication channels to deliver messaging that cuts through noise and arrests the attention of your target audience.

Session 3: Implement

In this final meeting, using your newly defined value platform, we will inspect your current communications to find areas for improvement.  Our goal is to show you how to replace current mediocre messages with new creative that delivers exactly what gets prospects to purchase.

We also uncover strategies and tactics your competition is using, including paid advertising.  This will give you a well-informed launch point to implement the improvements made in this workshop.

Final Deliverables:

Upon completion of this workshop, you'll receive a report containing:

Brand Platform, Positioning Statement, Unique Value Propositions, and Messaging

You’ll get a solid handle on what your brand platform is.  In other words, what makes you as a business stand apart from your competition.  You’ll have a solid sense of the “personality” of your company and will be able to share this with clients, prospects, as well as internal staff.  Your new positioning statement will be crafted from the information gained during our research on you, your clients, and your competition.  The positioning for your company, and unique value propositions for your goods and services will deliver the reasons people should sit up and take notice when they learn of your business.  These components will permeate all of your communications going forward.  

Competitive Analysis

Our strategic analysis discovers the strengths and tactics your competition is employing.  This analysis showcases the differences in everything from creative execution to online lead generation tactics. 

Prioritized Marketing Roadmap

Get the tailored marketing plan you need to make strides toward your goals.  Based on the research and analysis of this workshop, you’ll gain clarity on strategies and tactics needed to win in your market.

“If you know yourself and you know your enemy, you need not fear the outcome of 1,000 battles.”
—  Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Money-Back Guarantee:  If you aren’t completely satisfied at the end of the first session, we will give you a 100% refund (excludes any incurred travel expenses).

Our Methods Work

Founder, Steve Doyscher, brings 3 degrees and 25 years of experience marketing companies of all sizes.  

Here are a couple video testimonials of the results.