Essential Marketing Workshop for Leaders


On-Demand Training with Workbook and Live Coach Session

Essential Marketing Workshop for Leaders


On-Demand Training with Workbook and Live Coach Session


If you are having difficulty implementing a robust marketing function to feed your revenue, this on-demand workshop is for you.  Thousands of hours of experience and education were distilled to give you the tools you need to succeed in leading your marketing efforts.  This workshop is built from the ground up for business owners, marketing and sales leaders, as well as, board members who need to quickly get up to speed.

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In 4.5 hours you will learn how to:
  • Use marketing to gather leads and generate customers
  • Collect the right data and turn it into actionable information
  • Build a roadmap to marketing success that feeds sales
  • Leverage the 3 critical pieces of technology every business needs today
  • Build an action-oriented culture
  • Identify, and fix, gaps in your revenue-generating efforts


This workshop is delivered via on-demand learning through our secure portal.  The live 30-minute follow-up consultation delivers answers to any outstanding questions to ensure you get the most out of this training.  The consultation is done online via a secure Zoom video conference. Your purchase also includes a copy of the corresponding workbook that is used in the workshop to highlight topics, take notes, and help you internalize concepts. Each workbook is loaded with 70 pages of marketing information not found anywhere else. It is a valuable reference for you to use as you put what you have learned into action.

Workshop Coach

Steve Doyscher, MBA

4.6 Stars

Having consistently earned an average rating of 4.6 stars for speaking engagements across the country, Steve engages groups to share the most important learnings of his 20-year career in digital communications and marketing.

Steve holds a BSB in Marketing and an MBA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.  As an innovator and coach, he uses his experience in both creative and analytical areas as a catalyst for team and revenue growth.


Workshop Details


Section 1

Marketing Overview

We begin by developing an understanding of what current marketing should be doing for any business. We look at how and why it has evolved.

Section 2

Data & Information

We will understand how to create actionable information from data. We’ll get in the weeds just enough for you to understand common platforms and data capture. Additionally, we will explore how data can help develop a culture of measured risk-taking – crucial to compete in today’s ever-shrinking world.

Section 3

Lead Generation

Generating leads is consistently a top priority (and difficulty) for businesses. We will explore over a dozen tools and see examples of how they are used. In our exploration, we will look at the pros and cons of using each of these tools and examine how they can be integrated.

Section 4


Timing is crucial in generating revenue. We will go into detail on how marketing can maintain meaningful connections with people on a one-to-many basis until prospects are ready to do business.

Section 5

Sales Handoff

Turning leads into customers requires the synchronization of marketing and sales. We will delve into how you can measure the efforts of your revenue pipeline to make ROI-based decisions for improvement.

Section 6


Understanding why you are in business and defining why people should care is the focus of this section. You will learn new and time-tested frameworks to put a fine point on setting yourself apart from competitors.

Section 7


The goals you choose to focus on determine how far you will go as a company. We will explore a main component that separates companies in their ability to innovate and scale.

Section 8


In the past decade, there have literally been thousands of pieces of software developed to support marketing and sales efforts. We will cut through the noise and discuss how to use the key three pieces of software every business needs to focus on first.

Section 9


Marketing today is complex and managing all of the moving pieces is challenging. Learn how combining three management frameworks will keep you and your teams on track.

Section 10


Learn the different players in marketing communications and understand how you can measure their performance. We will also discuss how to prioritize building out your team and capabilities

Section 11


We will define what a good brand is and how a brand strengthens your top line. Our materials show you the components used to develop a brand and you are given guidance and exercises built to help you define yours.

Section 12


The final component of this system brings everything together to develop your strategy. You will assess where your business is and understand the strategic structure that fuels growth.